Pet Project Sematary

Pet Project Sematary

I have to confess something: I am somewhat of a pet project hoarder. Throughout my whole life, well before my formal education as a computer scientist, I have been creating new things on the computer, usually by remixing or duplicating already existing things. Depending on how far things got, I started telling my family and friends about it, hyping my own idea, before eventually getting bored of it and deleting it.

Looking through my pet projects is a bit like flipping through a photo album: In every image, you can see a noticeable growth and change in relation to the previous one. But mostly it’s fun looking at how I did things in the past.

So I have decided to pick a few of these side projects and compile them into something which I call a Pet Project Sematary - because very much like the animals in the book of the same name, my long-dead pet projects have the tendency to unexpectedly come back to life.

I have selected these projects based on how funny or interesting I find them. Please do not mistake this for a portfolio or something - this is what I do in the dark, when no one looks.

Interesting & Fun (Mostly Fun) Pet Projects

The entries in this list are updated occasionally.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures, from “Pet Sematary”, 2019