Local Images

Local Images

I wrote Local Images during the golden era of iOS Apps. Smart phones where still quite new, and people were much more willing to scout the app stores for interesting and fun apps.

Local Images was my first attempt to play around with the wider Apple ecosystem: In-App Purchases, Ads, Apps targeted for both iPhones and iPads.

What it was

The app accessed the user’s location and downloaded images from nearby, with a few tweaks to filter out everyday images and highlight beautiful panorama-like pics. The app showed an ad, which you could get rid of for the lowest tier of Apple’s in-app purchases.

What I learned

Well, I got what I came for and left with a solid understanding of the then-current Apple ecosystem. It turned out that it’s much easier understanding all the individual bits and pieces when you actually try them out instead of attempting to understand everything solely from the docs.

And what I also learned is that if the one feature your app has is displaying beautiful stuff, don’t put an ad there. That’s just mean.

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