90s rewind

90s rewind

Having two people casually talking about their childhood experiences in one of the most exciting and beloved centuries - what a great idea! Too bad it wasn’t mine, but the idea behind a podcast called Young in the 80s. I loved the idea a lot and wished there was something similar for the 90s - so I reached out to the creators of Young in the 80s and asked them for permission to use their idea for a 90s related podcast. Luckily, they agreed!

What it was

A podcast in which a good childhood friend of mine and I talked about how we perceived growing up in the 90s. We had a lot of fun recording the episodes and remembering the good times of the past while preparing for it.

What I learned

Even back then, podcasts had a huge audience. I remember giving a webinar as part of my job - and then having someone reach out to me and ask if I am “the guy from 90srewind” - because they recognized my voice!

Also, this podcast took place while the podcast market was undergoing a lot of growth and change, and it was difficult to stay on track with all the changes in the market. Our podcast with our rather modest level of professionalism would probably not attract any listeners today.

How it ended

Time constraints. Podcasting is not only about finding a time slot to record, but you actually have to prepare - and once a recording is done, the post-processing starts, which takes even longer than the recording itself.

Podcasting is a very time consuming commitment, especially if more than one host is involved.

That having said, I did experiment with a podcast on my own back then, but it just felt weird talking to no one in particular without a co-host, so I have let that side project silently die.

Episode List

All the old episodes have been backed up here:

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