September 24, 2019

Tanner Christensen on how his weekend project blew up on Apple’s App Store.

On March 14, 2015, while reading the book Creative Confidence, I stumbled on a single sentence that seemed to encapsulate the essence of the book in a powerful way. As a blogger and design-driven individual, I wanted to capture the quote in a captivating way that would allow me to share it quickly online.


Then, one morning a few days after Snaplight became available in the iPhone and iPad App Store, I noticed a slight uptick in downloads for it. A friend messaged me on Facebook to let me know the app was not only trending, it was being featured on the App Store homepage.

Part of this article reads as an ad for this very app, but for me, the important bit is: Scratch your own itch. Write an app which solves your problem and nothing else, to avoid optimizing it for cases which will never come. And don’t be afraid to ship as soon as you’re done!

My personal stance is: If you have 100 users complaining about your app, then it’s good news - it means that you have 100 users!